“I Know Why You’re Single, Sis” Author, Nadia Stanley Spills The Tea On Why Most Women Have Yet to Find Love [VIDEO]

One On One w/ Nadia Stanley, Author "I Know Why You're Single, sis"


Author, Nadia Stanley penned a self-help book to help those really looking for love, get out of their own way and practice common sense tactics in order to find it.

Practicing “social distancing”, I linked up with Nadia Stanley via ZOOM because an interview over the phone wasn’t good enough for me.

She’s on the West Coast and I rep the EAST COAST all day and neither one of us are married, but we’re not single, either. However, we have been the women Nadia speaks to in the book; frustrated and desperately seeking life partners.

After reading a few chapters, I realized that the main reason some of us are still single is us!

Here’s our one on one interview via ZOOM:



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