Say His Name: Ahmaud Arbery! JOGGING, UNARMED and GUNNED DOWN!

Another unarmed black man gunned down in Georgia and the suspects have not been charged.


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“Black Lives Matter” will once again ring in the ears of many of those who are tired of the violence that has suffocated the African American communities throughout the past several years.

In February, an unarmed black man was gunned down after he was confronted by two white men in a pick up truck carrying shot guns while jogging in a Georgia neighborhood.

Someone recorded the incident where the two men (Gregory and Travis McMichael) and Ahmaud Arbery, 25, were seen scuffling and two shots were heard followed by an image of Arbery collapsing onto the ground.

Both men were never charged.

Here is what CBS News is reporting:

According to the only witness in the police report, McMichael told investigators he thought Arbery was a burglary suspect and ordered him to stop. McMichael said Arbery “violently” attacked his son, and the two fought “over the shotgun” before Travis shot him twice. At the time, no charges were filed.

Attorney Lee Merritt represents Arbery’s family. “With this video now out, these guys should be arrested now,” Merritt said.

McMichael is a former law enforcement officer who used to work for the local district attorney. Due to conflicts of interest, the case is now on its third prosecutor, who said he will ask a grand jury to bring charges.