Stuck In The House? Need Resources? We Found Some!

Find out what services are available to area families stuck in the house!


A lot of businesses (large and small) are closed to the public during the Corona Virus pandemic. And with the government stay at home regulations, many of us don’t know what’s out there to help us in a time of crisis.


WPXI (Cox Media) provided some very helpful tips and resources to help families stay connected, receive assistance and continue living somewhat “normal” routines while trying to adapt.

Here is a list from a variety of internet providers if you need to sign up at a free or reduced cost:

Food Services

North Hills Food Bank: 412-366-7477

CHS Food Pantry: 412-246-1688

Swissvale Community Food Pantry: 412-452-2792

Unemployment Compensation

Workers that are unable to work because of COVID-19 may be eligible for UC ​​benefits or WC benefits. The following information is now available on the state’s website​:

You may be eligible if:

  • Your employer temporarily closes or goes out of business because of COVID-19
  • Your employer reduces your hours because of COVID-19
  • You have been told not to work because your employer feels you might get or spread COVID-19
  • You have been told to quarantine or self-isolate, or live/work in a county under government-recommended mitigation efforts

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