What’s Good In Ya Hood: One On One w/ Chauntey MoNique, The Love Diamond Project [VIDEO]

The Love Diamond Project provides resources for members of the trans community.


Her name was Diamond Elisha Stanley. She and I went to school together. But back then, she wasn’t Diamond.

She reached out to me a few years back when I lived in Maryland wanting to connect. We never did. Life happens, I guess.

Our 25th high school reunion came around and Diamond was concerned that our classmates wouldn’t understand her transition and strongly suggested we refer to her as Elisha and not what we knew her to be back in school. Her request was honored.

That night, at the reunion, she walked in that ballroom like fireworks on July 4th! She was truly the life of the party.

In 2019, the harsh reality in the lives of many (millions) of trans men and women became true for all that knew Diamond.

The news reported that a woman was found in a hotel room, dead. No known cause or information was provided.

Later, we found out that the women in the report was my good friend Diamond Elisha.


We still don’t know what happened. The story came and went. Not unfortunate for those who struggle daily in the trans-community. Their lives are in jeopardy every day for fear that someone will harm them out of ignorance, prejudice, fear, insecurity or a joke!

Chauntey MoNique was a friend of Diamond and also a trans-aunt to many. She provided love, respect and a safe space to those who were shunned from their families, friends and society.

After Diamond’s death, Chauntey decided to organize a resource program in Diamond’s honor to help those in the community who needed it. It’s called The Love Diamond Project.

It’s still in it’s beginning stages and she needs the help from not only the trans community but from those who have a heart and care about the lives of the men and women whose only wish is to love their true selves and want you to do the same.

Here is my one on one with Chaunte MoNique, Founder of The Love Diamond Project:


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