What’s Good In Ya Hood Spotlight: Christy Porter, Founder/CEO Jaysmyn Nyree Campus

Christy Porter is the wife of former Pittsburgh Steeler, Joey Porter, a real estate executive, and Founder/CEO of The Jasmyn Nyree Campus.



PITTSBURGH, PA May 18, 2020 – In December 2019, Christy and former
Pittsburgh Steeler Joey Porter acquired the Holy Innocent’s Parish, 3011
Landis Street in Pittsburgh’s West End. With over 100,000 square feet of
space, the property includes two schools and nuns covenant. The property
has been named the Jasmine Nyree Campus and is being transformed into a
multi-service campus and community center designed to address multiple
needs in the community including residential services, recreational,
educational, and other human service-related services. The campus is named
after one of Porter’s four children.

Founder and President Christy Porter, who is an expert in real estate
acquisitions, risk mitigation planning, service gap analysis and has over 18
years of identifying and analyzing business trends and strategically developing
partnerships said that they are committed to providing the community and
Allegheny County with quality services implemented by the many
professionals who live in and surround the City of Pittsburgh.
“We are very excited and focused on the main objective to develop a campus
that will fill voids and meet the needs of the community,” Mrs. Porter said.
“To do that, we need to work together, and therefore we look forward to
exploring bold and engaging strategies of collaboration with the community,
city and county alike.”


I was honored to sit down with Christy Porter to talk about the newest installment of the Jasmyn Nyree Campus, now open in the West End of Pittsburgh, why she chose that area to open a new facility and what services families can expect from the organization.


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