Word On The Curb Is The Corona Virus Doesn’t Scare R. Kelly At All! [AUDIO]

The Stay Home Quarantine regulations have your favorite celebs adhering and adjusting! Let's see how they're doing!



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Oprah, Wendy, and the Obama’s are handling their stay at home celebrity lives like anyone else…on social media!

Oprah shared that she told her longtime man-friend Stedman that he had to stay in the guest house. She is not taking any chances and he didn’t fight her!

Although daytime talk show host Wendy Williams doesn’t agree with the quarantine mandated by the government, she has decided to join in with everyone else and take her show on the social media “road” to record the “Wendy Show At Home” edition so fans can see what he’s been up to. She’s still rich and bored. No change there!

Meanwhile, Michelle and Barack Obama are spending their downtime like the rest of us! Catching up on Netflix and just chillin’ (in my Martin voice). Ellen DeGeneres called the former first lady (who still has a ring-back tone, mind you) to catch up and see how they were dealing with this whole ordeal.

Finally, R. Kelly’s not making too much noise about being trapped in a cell (not closet) with a cellmate during this pandemic. His lawyers spoke on his behalf, saying his client isn’t asking to be in isolation and he’s not complaining. He said he’s handling it how anyone would if they were in the same predicament. Unfortunately, he’s unaware how many times a day he washes his hands,though. Wow! Click here for the full story.

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